We are ready to help you

Jesper will support you

Customer Support Contact

Do you need help with any of our apps, please contact us.
Jesper Nielsen and his team is ready to assist you.

Call us at: +45 7023 2317

Or email us at: This will automatically create a support ticket for you.

Quick answer

We strive to provide you a qualified response as quickly as possible, at least within 24 hours but often much quicker.

At all times we will keep you informed about who is working on your support inquiry and how soon you can expect a response.

Share your screen

We use the application “Team Viewer” to share screens and guide you remotely. It enables us to guide you on your own screen. That is so much better than just explaining over the phone.

You can download Team Viewer here for free. Select Windows or Mac.

Team Viewer for Windows Team Viewer for Mac

1. Click on Windows or Mac above.
2. Click RUN to start the program
3. Provide your ID number and password to the supporter
4. The supporter is now able to see your desktop and support can begin

You have downloaded a small file that enables us to look at your screen. By doing so we are able to help you with your question. At any time you can terminate the connection.

Sune supports you as a partner

Partner Support Contact

Do you have an inquiry about becoming a partner of the Supply Chain Box, or do you want to escalate a technical question, please contact Chief Strategy Officer Sune Lohse and his product team.

Call us at: +45 7023 2317

Or email Sune Lohse us at: This will NOT create a support ticket, and response times will depend on Sune Lohses availability.